Sample Halfway Rock Quilt

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* * * S A M P L E * * * S A M P L E * * * S A M P L E * * *

This throw sized Halfway Rock Quilt is a ready-to-ship sample created in the early stages of research & development and is a first quality product with no imperfections. However, variations exist from the official Halfway Rock Quilt. Such variations are indicated below with the use of * * * asterisks * * *

* * * S A M P L E * * * S A M P L E * * * S A M P L E * * *

Tucked between the tides is a rocky ledge where seals abound. Hauling out at low tide these near mythical creatures then ride the swells back to the sea when the water begins to rise. Growing up, we used to putter out in our small boat to this special place and catch glimpses of this rhythmic process. Our Halfway Rock quilt captures the magic of these ledges through its simplicity and playful colorway. All the while, the design is reminiscent of intertidal ledges, which exist both above and below the sea.


* * * Throw (59" x 53") * * *


Cotton fabrics, cotton batting and cotton thread.


Front: Snow background alongside ice blue, sea foam, light ochre, and deep mauve accents. 

* * * Back: Sea foam * * *


Machine wash cold on delicate and tumble dry low for a crinkly texture or lay flat to dry for a smoother finish. A warm iron may be used to press out wrinkles.