Quilted Tote Bag Sample No. 1


* * * S A M P L E * * * S A M P L E * * * S A M P L E * * *

This noble bag served as a research & design stepping stone in our journey to create our line of Quilted Tote Bags. Therefore, slight variations are present in this sample, making it different and unique from our primary line of tote bags. Variations are identified with the use of * * * asterisks * * * below in the description. 

* * * S A M P L E * * * S A M P L E * * * S A M P L E * * *


Our carry-all, beach going, field strolling, everyday, and everything bag. 

The Quilted Tote Bag was born from a desire to minimize fabric waste in our quilting process while exploring alternate forms and functions of traditional quilts. Each bag panel utilizes remnant fabrics from our 2021 quilt collection. 

Entirely handmade in Maine, the Quilted Tote Bag is comprised of quilted cotton panels, interior & exterior waxed canvas body, and rolled leather handles. 


* * * Height 14" x Width 15" x Depth 11.5" * * *

Handles: Height 9"

* * * Interior Pocket: None ! * * *



Quilted Panel: Snow

Waxed Canvas: Chestnut



* * * This sample does not contain finished interior seams, meaning that the layers composing the bag are exposed and visible ( pictured in photos ). While the bag is still entirely functional, these unfinished seams *could* result in faster wear/tear. * * *


Note: Due to the handmade nature of our production process each bag contains slight variations and imperfections, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

* * Spot clean only. Waxed canvas will naturally show crease lines as well as break-in and soften with time and use. * *