Vintage Wool Tote in Rose and Cream


Our carry-all, beach going, field strolling, everyday, and everything bag. 

The Quilted Tote Bag was born from a desire to minimize fabric waste in our quilting process while exploring alternate forms and functions of traditional quilts.

For this collection I stayed true to the original inspiration of repurposing textiles, but utilized both vintage quilts and vintage wool blankets, giving new life to otherwise worn textiles. Utilizing only a small portion of a cutter quilt (i.e. quilts or blankets that have lived their useful life and now have stains, tears, or discoloration), these tote bags greatly extend the life of the textile by repurposing it into multiple items for many to enjoy. 
Entirely handmade in Maine, these Vintage Quilted Tote Bags are comprised of quilted cotton or woolen panels, interior & exterior waxed canvas body, and rolled leather handles.


Approximate Dimensions:

Height 15" x Width 16" x Depth 9"

Handles: Height 9"

Interior Pocket: Height 8" x Width 8.5"



Quilted Panel: Vintage Wool Blanket in Rose and Cream

Waxed Canvas: Chestnut


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the vintage nature of the blanket used in this bag, there are potentially imperfections, stains, small tears, etc. Additionally, due to the handmade nature of our production process each bag contains slight variations and imperfections, making them truly one-of-a-kind. All sales are final so please be aware you are purchasing a repurposed vintage and handmade item.

* * Spot clean only. Waxed canvas will naturally show crease lines as well as break-in and soften with time and use. * *