It's an incredibly fortunate thing to be able to call the Coast of Maine home and this place never ceases to impress. The natural beauty and intense seasons are full of wonder and are the inspiration behind my original quilt designs. The practicality of textile art is a concept deeply embedded in Maine culture as folks who work the land and sea in the summer and bundle up in fiber and fabric each winter. Near or far, I hope these modern heirloom quilts bring a little bit of Coastal Maine tradition to you.

I grew up in a home surrounded with arts & crafts materials and my mother always stressed the importance and meaningfulness of a handmade gift. She taught me to quilt when I was 8 years old and it has been a passion of mine since. I continued to sew throughout my young adult life, tinkering with my own creations. After graduate school I went on to work multiple career type jobs including a marine biologist, starting a small business and working in real estate. It took me many years to realize the traditional path just didn't work for me.

After our second child was born, I decided it was time to get back to the core of what brings me joy in life and surround myself with creativity daily. Thus, I have started quilting and designing patterns to share.

I'd love to hear from you! You can find me at hello@smithsgeneral.com