Mini Quilt No. 02


This winter season the animals of Hazel Village decided to dream up tiny, cozy, handmade gifts to give one another. Together, with the help of their human friends at Smith's General, 26 original miniature quilts were created - the perfect size for a forest picnic! Using leftover fabric scraps from the Hazel Villager's clothing, the team at Smith's General were able to sew one-of-a-kind gifts AND repurpose textile waste. These special collaboration quilts are sewn with care, made to last, and ready to love.

Each quilt is unique in design and varies slightly in size (all approximately 18" x 20" - note Hazel Villager for size reference).

Made with a combination of linen, cotton & gauze.

Quilted with 100% cotton batting and cotton thread. 

Machine wash cold & tumble dry on low, or lay flat to dry.