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Homemade Cloth Face Masks

dearest friends,
as many of you are aware, healthcare providers around the country are experiencing a shortage of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), including face masks. there is a mounting effort for folks to sew masks at home and donate them to healthcare providers in need. these masks are no substitute for the proper PPE, however, the consensus we've seen online seems to be that they are better than nothing, and some hospitals are currently accepting donations.
with the large amount of patterns and resources available, we wanted to share some options below for making your own face mask and also where to donate them in Maine.

here's what we've found so far:
making & supporting
there are many (free) mask patterns and instructional videos available online. we've rounded up a couple below:
Seams Right Design offers a straightforward pattern & instagram story with step-by-step assembly instructions. they've adapted their pattern from healthcare providers at Deaconess Health System and it includes tucks and elastic straps.
with all the efforts to sew masks at home, elastic cord is currently hard to come by. Made Everyday adapted a pattern using fabric ties alongside her original PDF pattern that loops elastic around the head instead of the ears.
STATE the Label provide's a pattern with instructions that is a more form fitting style of mask, with a curved design instead of tucks and elastic cord that stretches around the head instead of behind the ears.
And over at CraftPassion they have a pattern for a fitted style mask with 3 different sizes and room to insert a filter (scroll to the bottom where they update their original pattern).
donating (in Maine)
one of the challenges is then determining where to donate the face masks that have been made so they end up in the hands of those who need them. please do not simply show up at your local hospital with supplies, as it may overwhelm an already busy staff. we will update this list as we get more information.
Click here for the Deaconess list of organizations in Maine that are currently looking for masks!
Face Masks for Maine is a coordinated effort with a drop-off point in Madison.
Shoppers True Value Hardware in South Portland has a donation basket in the front of their store.
UPDATE 3/26: elastic is back-ordered - we will continue to try and bring in and will update when we have more info!
we have place a large order of elastic that we are hopeful will arrive by the end of this week (~3/27) and we will be putting together kits for purchase to be able to sew your own masks for personal use or donation.
any suggestions, or other updates, please leave a comment below. thank you all so much!

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